Gone Fishin'

If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen that I caught a nice little salmon this weekend...
of course, with the help of my husband -- those suckers are a bit of a challenge to reel in!

My husband LOVES to fish.  Like, in life, fishing is his #3:

#1 - Me (at least it better be) ;)
#2 - Hunting
#3 - Fishing

He asks me to go fishing with him all the time, but most times I decline, as I have no interest to wake up super early on my weekends.  But, we are blessed to live about 15 minutes away from Lake Michigan & 2 minutes away from the Bay of Green Bay, so really, we are surrounded by large bodies of water, filled with fish.  I think sometimes I take that for granted.

Over the years, I have learned to like fishing, however I sometimes get bored when there's no action.  This weekend though, I witnessed the pure joy it brings to my husband, which was totally worth the 2:30 AM wake up call.

Zac gets so excited & is always optimistic about the fishing report.  The night before, he made sure the launch ticket was accounted for, the coffee was prepped, & the alarm was set.  At the sound of the alarm the next morning, he jumped out of bed, anxious & ready to get our fish on.

After picking up a couple friends & Zac's brother, we arrived at the busy harbor.  The guys quickly launched our boat -- they have a wonderful system & each person knows their role.  The process is like clockwork for them.  Totally seamless.

Zac drove us out into the dark lake, and then put auto pilot on & the guys quickly worked to set the lines.  Something about fishing on Lake Michigan when it's pitch black out is both nerve-racking & rewarding -- it's just such a large body of water & knowing that it can turn rough at any moment is scary!  But Lake Michigan was so good to us that morning....

Since it is currently the KD Salmon Tourney, the lake in the distance looked like a city of lights (which I neglected to document) -- filled with boats of fisherman hoping to catch the $10k winner.

Around 4:30 AM, we got two bites at the same time & the guys made the girls reel them in.  We lost one, but they helped me get my catch in safely.

I'm still tired, I have a sore arm & a blood blister on my pinkie (how? I have no idea), but it was so worth it!  The thrill of catching a nice fish & seeing how happy it made Zac, was my favorite.

We watched the sunrise & had a slow rest of the morning on the water.  Needless to say, we didn't catch a winning fish, but it was so calm & relaxing.  I even got in a little snooze -- the rocking of the boat puts me right to sleep! :)

We ended the morning with breakfast; a perfect start to our Sunday. 

Summer = Wedding Season = What do I wear???

We’ve all been there.

You receive an invitation to a wedding.  It reads “casual attire” and immediately you think, what the heck does that mean?  Sun dress & flats?  Slacks?  Maxi skirt?  You don’t want to be over-dressed, but you certainly don’t want to be under-dressed, either.  You call your girlfriends & ask what they're wearing, and they have no idea either.

More importantly, you think, how am I going to dress my husband?  Because let’s face it, you will likely be picking out/ purchasing & ironing your husband’s get up, otherwise he will show up in shorts & a golf shirt.

Fret no longer my friends.  The fine folks at Paul Fredrick, along with the help of fashion & wedding experts, put together the below infographic sharing wedding guest attire for men, depending on the type of invitation they received.

I've put together 3 “couple” looks that my husband & I would wear, based on the type of invite we receive:

Details: Polished, rich fabrics.  Conservative, clean & classic.

Details: Still dressy, but not over-the-top.  Keeping it playful with a fun print & coordinating colors.

Details: Simple, cotton & a touch of nautical.

I'd love to know, what are your go-to tips for coordinating your outfits with the type of wedding you will be attending?

*Thank you to Paul Fredrick for putting together this cheat sheet!  Don't forget to stop by & browse their selection -- they have something perfect for every occasion, from formal to casual.

Date Night: Campfire love

A few Saturday evenings ago, Zac & I had no plans.  We took advantage of having nothing on the calendar, amongst a busy summer & had a low key night, checking "have a campfire date night" off my summer list!

It was a quintessential summer evening: a warm breeze, a colorful sunset, & a blazing campfire complete with s'mores.  We watched fireflies swoop through the air & star-gazed, reminiscing old times & feeling thankful for how blessed we are to have each other (and Gracie Lou)!

Bare feet & belly scratches

Pile o' Sperrys.

The perfect coals for roasting mallows.

Music by Mr. Bryan, to set the mood.

Cheers, friends -- may you be lucky enough to have a date night campfire sometime soon!