Make: fruit & yogurt popsicles

I realize that I'm a day late & a dollar short with this, being that summer is nearing it's end & today is the first day of September (what?!), but these are too yummy not to share.  And they can be enjoyed year round, even though they taste best on a hot summer day.

Earlier this summer we purchased this homemade popsicle mold & I had grand plans of making all sorts of concoctions. 

As per usual, life happened & the popsicle mold got pushed to the back of the cupboard.  It wasn't until recently that I remembered we bought this, and I needed to put it to use. 

I used ingredients that we already had in the fridge -- yogurt, strawberries, & kiwis.  Nothing fancy, but frozen yogurt with mixed fruit doesn't need much else to make it delicious.

All you need to do is plop some yogurt in, followed by some fruit, then some more yogurt & then some more fruit.  Let it freeze for an hour or longer, and whhh-laa!

Super tasty & easy homemade popsicles!  Plus, they're a healthy alternative to regular ice cream.  I plan on trying a Nutella/fudge mixture for our next batch... those likely won't be as healthy :)

Have you made homemade popsicles?  What is your favorite blend?

Upcoming Travel: Girl’s Weekend in Chicago!

Last December, my mom, sister & I spent a long weekend in New York City.  This was the first time that we all traveled together, out of state.

It was magical – the entire city was decorated for Christmas; holiday spirit filled the air & us small-town Wisconsin girls had a blast, squeezing in every major “must see thing” to do in NYC on our list.

We vowed to make these Girl’s Trips an annual thing.

This year, we have decided to spend our Second Annual Girl’s Weekend, in Chicago.  We are leaving in a couple weeks, and I’d love to know what else we should put on our list.  So far, our agenda looks like this:

+ Architectural River Cruise
+ Sky Deck @ The Willis Tower
+ Millennium Park: Crown Fountain & Cloud Gate (better known as "The Bean”)
+ Navy Pier
+ Magnificent Mile shopping
+ Improv show??

What are we missing?  Any must-see things we should do, see, or eat while in the windy city?
I’d love your input! 

P.S. -- You best believe I will be taking my selfie stick along.  Zac will be so proud.

Happy Sunday.

How to harvest & store onions -- something that we will need to brush up on very soon as our garden is exploding with onions!

Kelle did a Back to School theme party, and it turned out adorable, per usual :)

Reasons to use a slow cooker overnight vs. all day while your at work.

Does anyone have an orchard rack?  I'm thinking about putting one one my wish list to store said onions & other garden veggies.  Or maybe this kitchen cart organizer -- it's cheaper & basically the same thing? Or is this hanging apparatus better?  Ahhh, the possibilities.