Ellis Everard - age 3 interview.

Photos by Jullia Rae Photography

Somehow I remembered that it was time to do Ellis's yearly interview...  incase you don't recall, last year I asked him a series of questions & wrote down his completely unprompted responses. You can see that post here.

It is my intention to re-ask these questions every year, and write down his answers exactly the way in which he answers them.  It's so fun hearing what he says... and sometimes, his answers really surprise me!

How old are you?:  I'm 3 (but he pronounces it like "free").

What do you want to be when you grow up?: A bull driver. And then I wanna be a bull bucker. And then I wanna be on the farm & milk cows. And then do chainsaws. And then when I grow up, I wanna be a roaster.

What is your favorite food?: S'mores. Chocolate. Graham crackers. Marshmallows.

What is your favorite color?: Blue.

What's your favorite thing to do?: Watch my dad do chainsaws & hunt.

What's your favorite animal?:  All of the animals.

Who is your best friend?: he couldn't name anyone except for daycare friends, which is the question below...

Who is your best friend at daycare?:  Liam & Jordy. Tenley & Remi. And Ingrid & Miles. And Addi.

What is your favorite toy?: Monster trucks that go fast. Dump trucks.

What is your favorite show?: Paw Patrol.

What is something that you are good at?: I'm good at stabbing those squiggilers. (No idea what he means here...)

What is your favorite book?: George.

What is your favorite place to visit?: Kane & Elena's house. Caleb's house. Jamo's house.

How do you help others?: When someone has their tie shoes, those stringing things broke off, yeah I help them like that.

What is something you dream about?: I dream about every animal I love.

What's your best memory?: Go fish.

Oh this kid, he cracks me up!

Amazon Finds - for the Nursing Momma

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Hands down my best purchase to date.  You just attach it to the opposite breast you're feeding from to catch any let down that would otherwise just go to waste.  I consistently get about 2 oz per feeding with this thing, literally by doing nothing.  Every nursing momma needs this.  I cannot recommend it enough!

This makes storing your breastmilk easy & organized.  It's spring-loaded so it freezes milk bags flat & you can keep them in date order without them falling all over your freezer.  Once this fills up, I bag the individual milk bags into a gallon freezer bag & then store in our deep freezer.

Super soft & comfy and has functional buttons for easy night time nursing.

Seamless, clip down, wire-free & inexpensive.  Good quality & very comfortable.

The packaging says it provides the same amount of hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water -- just mix 1 packet in 16 oz of water.  It contains essential minerals & vitamins to combat dehydration -- but what I found most helpful was that it made my body feel better during those first few weeks of zero sleep with a newborn.  Instead of turning to caffeine, I drank one of these a couple times a week in the afternoon & it made my body feel so much better and less like I just got hit by a truck.

And the one thing you cannot get on Amazon but I HIGHLY recommend - APNO (all purpose nipple ointment).  Ask for it in the hospital before you leave (it's a prescription) and it works wonders, trust me!

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Hello World: Meet Baby Vivienne!

We welcomed Vivienne Rose into this world on Sunday, August 9th 2020 at 11:54 am | 6 lbs 4 oz 19"
A perfect little peach.
She came quickly & 2 weeks early, just like her big brother Ellis did.

We've been getting to know Viv over these last couple of weeks, and it's safe to say she's feisty, strong-willed, and she will call the shots.
She's proven that although she is little, she is mighty!
This should come as no surprise to us, as she's been quite the handful since conception.

I'm juggling all the emotions & physical changes to my body and world.
I'm trying hard to find joy & savor the beautiful moments, but if I'm being honest -- I'm also struggling with the utter exhaustion that is the newborn phase: non-stop nursing, 24/7 diapering, trying to heal myself all while on 2ish hours of sleep each day.
Also, adjusting to being a mom of two littles who both need lots of attention... it's hard right now.

Most of all though, I'm feeling so very blessed.
Vivienne completes our family & I know that after these hard first few weeks pass, there is so much fun to come.

We love & adore you Miss Vivienne Rose!


After 16 years together, you'd think I wouldn't be surprised by Zac's endless need for pursuing his passions - but alas, he proves me wrong.

His newest endeavor, is mushroom hunting.  Well, I shouldn't say new -- he & his family have been morel hunters for years, but it isn't until the last couple years that he's been really serious about it.  This spring, he was pretty successful in finding some.  And if you like mushrooms, you know these are a real treat... and hard to find!

Morel mushrooms | My Darling Days Blog

He has 2 reference books on mushrooms & even belongs to a few mushroom Facebook groups as well.  Safe to say, he is mushroom obsessed.  And with COVID-19, mushroom hunting is kinda the perfect hobby right now.  Alone. Outdoors.  Bringing food home for the family...

Zachary James, my forager.

What is a Forager?  According to Google:

Yep.  That about sums him up.
Just the other day he came in the house with a handful of wild raspberries he saw growing in the fence line by our house.  He's always finding something :)

I would consider Zac to be a true outdoors man.  Somebody who LOVES the outdoors & nature for all it has to offer.  He knows so much about so many random things in nature (animals, plants, natural resources, hunting, fishing, landscapes, rocks, bodies of water, etc.).  I am forever amazed that when I ask him, "what's that?" he's able to rattle off the tip of his tongue what it is and random facts about it...

That bug?  Oh, it's a Viceroy butterfly -- not to be confused with a Monarch butterfly, as they look very similar.  Monarch butterflies don't have that black line across their hind wings.

That purple plant? Oh, it's a creeping bellflower, and it's actually an invasive species.

That rodent looking animal?  Oh, it's a Least Weasel.  In summer, it's brown but in winter it molts to white. It's among the smallest carnivores in the world & is a rare mammal.

One of his best qualities though, is that he is a great teacher to Ellis.  Of course, I'm sure he wants Ellis to love the outdoors as much as he does, but he truly loves to not only teach Ellis about nature, but get him IN nature as much as possible.  It would be easier for Zac to go mushroom hunting on his own (shlepping a 3 year old along in the woods isn't always easy), and it would be more peaceful -- you know kids, they are forever asking 'why'?  But why, Dad?  Why?  WHY, WHY, WHY? 

But Zac is so patient and diligent in explaining processes to Ellis about what & why that tractor is in the field, or why we don't litter, or how come that flower is yellow, or why we need bees, and that list goes on and on.

I know Ellis cherishes his one-on-one time with Zac, and it just makes my heart burst.  I mean, just look at how Ellis looks at him:

Chanterelle mushrooms | My Darling Days Blog

For the first time a couple weeks ago, I got to go with on their mushroom hunting adventure.  This time, for Chanterelles, and we found a bunch!

Chanterelle mushroom hunting | My Darling Days Blog

Safe to say -- I think Ellis is going to be a little forager, too!

Fun fact: I actually despise mushrooms.  I think they are completely gross, and I can pick out a super-fine diced mushroom in a casserole a mile away -- but my boys...  they LOVE mushrooms, so I go ahead & put them in the casserole anyways. 

Happy hunting to all you foragers!

Amazon Finds - for the Pregnant / Expecting Momma

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Around week 14, my belly started getting really itchy.  Within ONE USE of this stuff, the itch instantly went away.  I've used it every night since then and it's made a world of difference.  Love that it's fragrance free, super hydrating, and made without phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or SLS.

Made with real food ingredients and active forms of Folic Acid & Vitamin B6, Iron, & Choline this has been my prenatal of choice and it doesn't make me nauseous (I've tried a few).  I will continue to take it postnatal while I'm breastfeeding as well.

This is the only other supplement I take right now - because most prenatal vitamins (including the one above) don't include DHA, and it's so important for brain & visual development.  I do not eat fish, so it's hard for me to get my recommended daily value of Omega-3s, therefore I supplement with this.  It's unflavored and has added Vitamin D3 which supports bone, mood, & immune system health as well.

These have been a staple this summer.  They are inexpensive, decent quality, and come in a ton of colors.  They fit true to size - a small fits great for me.

So when I was pregnant with Ellis, I used a big ol' maternity body pillow that took up over half the bed, and I loved it.  I tried it a few nights this pregnancy, and it just felt like a nuisance / didn't provide any relief or comfort... how that can change from one pregnancy to the next, IDK, haha.
I ordered this a few weeks ago and it seems to help and is much more manageable (plus Zac loves that it doesn't take up so much space).  I either wedge it under my belly for support, or wedge it behind my back to prevent me from sleeping on my back.  It could also be used for between the knees, or behind your back for sitting support.  The cover easily removes for washing as well.

This fit on this is great (true to size - I have a small), it feels like butter, is light-weight & flowy, and it comes in a bunch of colors.  Bonus - it's made in the U.S.A!

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