Happy Sunday.

We're back from a whirl-wind trip across Italy & France.  It was amazing & I will share more in the coming weeks.  I've got about 2,000 photos to sort through & jet lag... it's a real thing.

Today, we're celebrating my parent's 35th wedding anniversary with brunch & family time.
Wishing my mom & dad the happiest anniversary & for many more years filled with love!

Now, for your Sunday web pursuing....

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I love what Sarah did with her small pantry organization.

"Friends" quotes that will make you giggle.

Better mood foods -- coffee & dark chocolate make the list!

Au revoir!

Currently, we're in route to galavant around Italy & France!!!!!!!!

So, the blog will be quiet for a bit, but you can keep up with our European adventures on Instagram (that is -- if we can find free wifi...)

This trip has been a long time comin'.... it all started about 11 years ago when this boy (now my husband) went to Paris & brought me back a keychain of the Eiffel Tower.  Since then, I've become slightly obsessed with the structure; I collect them, I read about it -- heck, I even wrote my Art History paper about the Eiffel Tower.  So naturally, Paris has been a "gotta check that city off my bucket list" goal, & it's finally becoming a reality!

And Italy... ohhhh Italy.  So much history.  So much pasta.  So much goodness.

Honestly, I sorta fell in love with Venice after our wedding photographer, Heidi Lee, photoshopped the below image of my husband & I from our wedding day.  She sent me an email about a month after our wedding and said, "I didn't know you guys went to Venice for your honeymoon???!!!"

Photo by De Le Teja Studio

So naturally, Venice became city #2 on my "gotta check that city off my bucket list".   And then I took World History & Art History in college & learned so much about Italy, that it quickly became a place both my husband & I wanted to explore.

Our itinerary is as follows:

Rome | Venice | Florence | Nice | Paris -- I'll be sure to share lots of photos upon our return.

Au revior!

Make: Baked Chicken Fajitas

Are you wanting the easiest weeknight meal in all the land?
An entire meal that requires only ONE dish... a meal that is ready in 30 minutes from start to finish?
Well you're in luck because I'm gonna share a favorite staple dinner that we consume often.

Baked Chicken Fajitas

The recipe originates from one of my most favorite cookbooks ever, Taste of Homes Most Requested Recipes, circa 2011.
Seriously, this cookbook is loaded with yummy, practical recipes that we make again & again.

You can find the original recipe here (or in the book below), but I'll share my tips to make this recipe even more easy.

The recipe calls for one onion, one green pepper & one red pepper, but I've found this lovely melody in the freezer section at the grocery store which has everything you need & is already prepared.

Once your chicken breasts are diced (1 lb. worth of them), throw them in your baking dish, add 1 can of diced tomatoes, add veggie blend, & drizzle with 2 tablespoons of oil (I use extra virgin olive oil).

Then add your spices (2 t. chili powder, 2 t. ground cumin, & salt to taste) -- stir it all together so everything is evenly coated & bake uncovered for 20-25 mins. (or until chicken is no longer pink & veggies are tender) at 400°. 

*I like to add a little seasoned salt, pepper, & crushed red pepper flakes for extra flavor.

Wha-laa, it's that easy!

Enjoy with your favorite fixins', wrapped up in a tortilla shell.

Current Happenings.

Post idea inspired by Emily's 'Five Things' posts, at Cupcakes & Cashmere.
(a great way to stay active behind the camera, to document the little things)

Graduated college

Homemade breakfast sandwiches

Blooms from my momma

 Sipping on lemonade like it's going out of style

Gracie through the screen door -- always begging come in

Happy Sunday.

For your web surfing pleasure:

Ten of the greatest photos ever taken.

I need to remember this when planning our next trip: How to create a Google travel map.

Lemonade ice cubes -- best idea ever & perfect for a hot summer day!

I LOVE this outfit -- it is quintessentially spring.  And the post itself it quite compelling.

Freezer Stir-Fry Veggie Mix -- this is a great way to utilize over-flowing garden veggies!

Spring in the Midwest: April 2015

I love the early signs of spring.  Around here, that means:

Budding trees.


Tulips starting to sprout.

Inevitable dandelions popping up randomly.

Yard work to be done.


And pups by your side.

What does spring look like in your yard?


(These are images from our yard, taken 4/26/15)

Reading List

My husband & I are traveling soon, and we’ll be enduring some long flights.  I figure I’ll need at least two books to keep me busy.  I'm currently on Chapter 7 of Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

via Amazon

I've been working on this book for a solid year & a half.  I don't know whether it's hard to get into, or if I'm just not making the time to read it...

And because as if reading one book wasn't enough, I've also started Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.  I'm borrowing it from a friend who recommended it to me.

via Amazon

Below is a reading list I’ve put together of books that I’ve heard good things about.  Have you read any of these?

Yes Please

Bread & Wine
The Best Yes
Let's all be Brave

I’d love to know – what are you reading / what's on your list?

Happy Sunday.

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A Stroll Through the Woods.

The following photos were taken in February, but I wanted to share & remember our day.

Every so often, Zac & I go for a hike through the woods.  We're lucky to live in the county, so it's easy for us to get out -- I love to breathe the fresh air, listen to the birds, and enjoy nature.

I'd love to say that I'm an outdoorzie girl, but that would be a lie.
...I'm working on it...
My husband would live outside if he could.  Me on the other hand, I like nice amenities -- a flush-able toilet, warm showers, and comfy beds.

I'm also not a fan of bugs -- like at all -- but I love watching & photographing wildlife in their natural environment.

This particular trip through the woods, we weren't lucky enough to see any animals, but we surely took in the beautiful sights.

Phragmites -- my most favorite invasive plant

You guys -- the Midwest really is best.