A Stroll Through the Woods.

The following photos were taken in February, but I wanted to share & remember our day.

Every so often, Zac & I go for a hike through the woods.  We're lucky to live in the county, so it's easy for us to get out -- I love to breathe the fresh air, listen to the birds, and enjoy nature.

I'd love to say that I'm an outdoorzie girl, but that would be a lie.
...I'm working on it...
My husband would live outside if he could.  Me on the other hand, I like nice amenities -- a flush-able toilet, warm showers, and comfy beds.

I'm also not a fan of bugs -- like at all -- but I love watching & photographing wildlife in their natural environment.

This particular trip through the woods, we weren't lucky enough to see any animals, but we surely took in the beautiful sights.

Phragmites -- my most favorite invasive plant

You guys -- the Midwest really is best.

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