Create: DIY Indoor Herb Garden

Browsing the web, I came across this lovely idea for an indoor herb garden.   I immediately used it for inspiration & decided we needed an indoor herb garden, stat.  I even added 'make an indoor herb garden' to my summer list.

I love the idea of being able to cut fresh herbs for cooking dinner, right from our kitchen table.  I also want to try my hand at drying out the herbs, to use for later.

Here's how we made our indoor herb garden...


- Various sized soup cans  -- we used all the same size
- Seeds -- we planted basil, parsley, & oregano since those are the herbs that we use the most
- Large terra-cotta saucer
- River rock
- Potting soil
- Hammer
- Nail
- Ribbon
- Card stock

To begin, remove the labels from your soup cans & make sure they are washed well.

Then flip the cans over & put several drainage holes in the bottoms of the cans with the hammer & nail.

    *make sure your dog is supervising...

Next, fill the cans up about an inch or so with small river rock or pebbles.  Honestly, I grabbed some stones from the landscaping around our house & they worked swell!

 Fill the cans with potting soil, but leave about an inch or two of space at the top.

 Next, plant your seeds & give them a sprinkling of water.

Now comes the fun part... arrange your cans in the terra-cotta saucer & adorn them with ribbon & labels.


 Water every few days & watch your herbs grow!

This is such an easy & budget friendly DIY... and, it makes for a great center piece on your kitchen table!


  1. did this really work for you? i'm thinking about growing some herbs indoor for personal use, but don't have a green thumb. lmk how it went! :)

    1. Hey there! This did work, however I way over-watered them & ended up killing my precious herbs before we could enjoy them :( Also, next time, I would put less seeds in -- I think I over-crowded. Oh well, live & learn!


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