Date Night: Fishing off the Pier

I have a tendency to label any activity that Zac & I do together as a date.  

Grocery shopping together?  Date.
Breakfast & picking out lawn fertiziler together?  Date.
Going for an evening run & then pulling weeds together?  Date.

It sounds silly really, but we have such busy lives (I know, along with 90% of the population) that I have to cherish the moments we spend together, just the two of us.  So I find that whenever we're together, I usually document the time with photos & call it a date.

In my book, dates don't have to be fancy & expensive... cue, fishing.
A recipe of deep-fried cheese curds, beer, & two fishing poles are the perfect ingredients for a simple & fun summer date night.

We've been pier fishing fairly often lately & we find it very relaxing, even if the fish aren't biting.

This particular night we were fishing for walleyes & ended up with a sucker fish.  Oh well, it was still fun & completely worth this sunset...

The best part about fishing date nights?  They are usually followed up with ice cream for the drive home.

What's an ideal date night for you? I'd love to hear!

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