So I title this post like I'm an avid gardener.  This couldn't be farther from the truth.

I've always had lofty goals of having a beautiful garden... of actually eating vegetables, on a daily basis... of wearing a garden hat & caring for my beloved plants.  And for the neighbors to be like "Oh!  Have you seen their garden?!"

So, I bought a pair of garden gloves & we planted a garden.

My husband did a majority of the work.  He rented a sod cutter & crafted out a small rectangle in our yard that would become Our First Garden.

We decided to keep it small this year.  This is our first go at a garden & in all honestly, it could totally flop, though I'm hoping it doesn't.

Next, we purchased a soil test & pretended we were scientists... turns out our soil is on point!

We shopped at a local greenhouse, Lindsley's Greenhouse, and purchased a variety of seeds & plants.
Zac did most of the planting; I mainly played with the dog & took photos -- that's what I do best.

We are hopeful for a great growing season & look forward to eating the fruits of our labor.

If anybody has gardening tips, throw them my way would ya?


  1. Love your garden! I don't know that I have any tips as we're testing out our green thumbs for the first time this year as well. Oh and, it's great to know that I'm not the only one that gardens best behind the lens of a camera. My husband just doesn't seem to understand that it's really best that way! ;)

  2. Don't know anything about gardening, but must say WOW - beautiful photos!! Really! xo