#gardenlife: an update.

It’s been just over 1 month since we planted our garden, and good news!  We didn’t fail, (yet)!  In fact, I can’t believe how much it grew in such a short time.  See my first garden post, here.

Most of our plants are flourishing & it’s so fun to watch their progress. We did have to replant our cucumbers & zucchini because OUR DOG ATE the original plants, but we’re back in business.  In fact, we picked our first zucchini yesterday & I promptly made this zucchini bread… it’s delicious – I’ll share more on that later this week.

Take a look, at how our garden grows:

This gardening thing really is fun… Zac & I care for the garden together (though admittedly, him more than me), and I love seeing our work pay off.   It’s also SO nice to be able to go the backyard & pick an onion, or cut some lettuce for supper.

Happy gardening, friends!

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  1. Well look at your garden go! Ours is so slow this year! Our tomato plants are huge but there's not a single tomato on them yet! Luckily our berry bushes (raspberry, strawberry and blueberry) have been producing a steady flow of berries to keep me content!


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