Kirklands Serving Tray Wish List

I realized the other day, when we were grilling supper on the campfire, that we don't own a single serving tray.  Because I'm lazy & didn't want to make a million trips back & forth to the house, I had to use a 11"x17" baking sheet to bring out the meat, veggie foil pack, spices, & cookware.

The baking sheet did it's job, but I realized I'm in desperate need of a serving tray.

I've rounded up my 5 favorite trays right now at Kirklands, which is one of my all-time favorite home decor stores.

Kirkland Trays

1. Floral jardin -- this reminds me of my grandma & I sorta love it.

2. Wood & galvanized metal  -- I like the farm-house feel to this.

3. Reclaimed wood finish -- cottage & country chic, so cute!

4. Light blue vintage chalkboard -- super fun, you could write messages to your guests!

5. Red gingham -- I love that this looks like a picnic table cloth!

Help me decide... which one is your favorite?

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