Bay Beach

Continuing right along with recapping our “kid’s weekend”… (you can read about our ice cream date here & our park/beach fun, here)

My summer list said “take my niece & nephew to Bay Beach”, so totally ignoring that it was hottest, most humid day of the entire summer thus far, we drenched the kids in sunscreen, packed some Gatorade, and off we went.

Bay Beach was busy – it was Saturday, mid-morning & apparently everybody & their brother had the same idea as us.  We got $10 worth of tickets (such affordable fun!) & stood in line for the beloved train.

Halfway through the train ride, Kane’s eyes got awfully heavy & I thought “oh great, he’s gonna fall asleep & miss the whole dang experience!”  He fooled me though, and even got an extra pep in this step after riding the merry-go-round.

Next up, the swings!

Not everyone enjoyed the swings... look at that poor little girl to the left of Elena.  She screamed the entire ride :(

Do you notice a theme to the color of the rides?  They HAD to be yellow.  Because yellow is Elena's favorite color, of course.

By 12:30, I had sweated through my shirt & the kids were getting whiney, so it was time to head into the air conditioning & feed their little bellies.

It was Subway, upon request, and let me just proclaim – hats off to all the mom’s out there who do outings by yourself with more than one child…  I made the kids wash their hands before eating while Zac ordered our lunch.  We all went into the ladies bathroom & while I was helping Elena wash her hands, Kane somehow managed to touch every single crevice of that bathroom.  Seriously, kid?

Here’s me… “Kane, no – that’s yucky.” “Kane, please don’t touch.”  “Kane, NO.”  “KANE, STOP TOUCHING THE TOILET!”  After E’s hands were washed, I told her to stand like a statue & NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.  So, what does she do?  Plays with the swinging top of the garbage can.  Uhg, #Fail.

After we all washed our hands 3 times, we enjoyed our lunch & napped on the way home.

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