Ice Cream Date

The best summer treat, in my book, is ice cream.

We are fortunate (or maybe not so fortunate for our bellies & wallets) to live exactly 2 miles from a local walk-up ice cream shop that is open seasonally May through September, and I’d say that Zac & I account for roughly 45% of their sales.

Sadly, I’m not kidding.  We typically visit at least twice a week.  Good thing we’re still working hard on that couch to 5k app, right?   Rightttt.

Anyways, its yummy soft-serve ice cream & their peanut butter cup flurries are my weakness.

To kick off the weekend, we took my niece & nephew there for a Friday night cool down.

summer treat

eating ice cream

Kane eating ice cream

ice cream date

I think Elena ate more of Zac's ice cream than her own…

ice cream date with kids

yummy ice cream

perfect bite

i love ice cream


They enjoyed the ice cream, but honestly, I think they had more fun making a jungle gym out of the picnic table...

picnic table fun

It was hot, the ice cream melted quickly, & we made a mess on their picnic tables.  We were all a sweaty, sticky mess by the time we left, but it was perfect.

Ice cream date nights are my jam, especially with these little love bugs!

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