Park & "Beach" adventures.

After our ice cream date, we took the kiddos to the park, to burn off some energy.

Zac & I had my niece & nephew for the whole weekend, so we had plenty of ideas up our sleeve to keep them busy, since our house isn’t very kid friendly.

Elena says to me, “So, KK (they call me "Kay-Kay") – do you have any like, kid toys?" "Like a ball, or bubbles, or Barbies?”

Sorry hun, I don’t…

I do however have an antique rotary phone, an antique typewriter, & a tv remote control -- their top three favorite “toys” at auntie’s house.

So thank goodness for parks & play grounds – they provide endless amounts of entertainment & smiles.

This park is right next to the water, so before we left, we searched for shells.  Elena found a few, which she wouldn’t let go of -- all night -- but mostly we just got an overabundance of zebra mussel shells stuck in our shoes.

Crunch, crunch, crunc
h – the sound of walking on the shells; “where’s the sand, KK?!”

 Oh, we did find a couple dead fish too.  Bonus points on the cool meter for uncle Zac.

They thought it was way cool watching uncle Zac skip rocks in the water, “do it again!”  “Do it again!!”

With the sun setting on the horizon, it was time to empty our shoes & head back home.

We ended the evening with baths and a brief showing of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, all snuggled in our bed.

What a perfect Friday night.  Did I mention being an auntie is the best? 

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  1. How ADORABLE are your niece and nephew?! What a fun day you guys planned for the kiddos! Nothing like those carefree Summer days at the park, right?


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