For the Love of the Hunt...

September 12, 2015 – season opener for bowhunting.  I knew the date well, as Zac had been preparing for it for months. 

In fact, for about the last 6 months, there wasn’t a day that passed in which I didn’t hear about bowhunting – what he saw on camera, what his friends/family had on camera, where he was gonna sit, where he was going to put up a new stand, that he needs a new bow, archery practice, washing clothes in scent lock gear, etc. etc. etc.




And I’ve decided this year, that I was going to try my hardest not to get upset that my husband would rather spend more time in the woods than with me.  Because it's for the love of the hunt.

I told myself I wouldn’t care that our whole house has become consumed with all things hunting:  USB cards for trail cameras, scattered everywhere -- in the bedroom, in the office, in the kitchen, heck – I’ve even found them in the bathroom!  And hunting magazines galore – good Lord the hunting magazines.  HOW MANY DOES ONE PERSON REALLY NEED? And all the gear... spread across our kitchen table, laying in the basement, consuming his truck... it's everywhere.

Buck; While Tail
In the woodsSo I'd like to say that this year, this year I’ve embraced hunting season.  I've even actually spent quite a few evenings sitting in a tree with Zac.  And I get it -- it's relaxing (until it becomes boring).   But try as I might, I just don't have the love of the hunt....



To date, Zac has spent almost every evening since September, and most weekend mornings, in the woods.

Sitting. Waiting. Wishing... Praying for that "big buck" to venture across his shooting lane.



But here’s the thing.  If I’ve learned anything over years with my hunting obsessed husband, it's that hunting is equal parts time, talent, money, & a whole lot of luck.

It's all about being in the right place, at the right time.  Hmmm, isn't that life in general, too?




sunset in the woods

So far, it's been no luck for Zac... he's seen lots of deer, but none of them are shooters... yet.

And it doesn't even matter to him, because he'll sit again tonight & tomorrow night, and again the morning after...
Because, it’s for the love of the hunt.

I only wish I had a hobby that I was so passionate about...

Good luck, babe!  I think this is your year!

Date Day: Hiking High Cliff State Park

To celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary, we went the super untraditional route... We incorporated exercise & the beautiful outdoors with a trip to hike High Cliff State Park & called it a date.

High Cliff State Park is located in Sherwood, WI, which is about an hour & ten minute drive south for us.  The park is beautiful & was just starting to show signs of fall while we were there.  It overlooks Lake Winnebago & sits on limestone cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment -- which is how the park got it's name.  I highly recommend this park to hike for any skill level, but there's much more to do there than just hike -- you can camp, picnic, hunt, fish, or even have your wedding there.

A few (ok, a lot) photos from our hike:

High Cliff State Park

View from the lookout tower

Leaves: High Cliff State Park

Zac found a leaf the size of his face!

Hiking; High Cliff State Park

Hiking; High Cliff State Park

Hiking; High Cliff State Park

Hiking; High Cliff State Park

Fall; High Cliff State Park
Wisconsin does fall so good...

High Cliff State Park

High Cliff State Park

High Cliff State Park

High Cliff State Park

Hiking; High Cliff State Park

Hiking; High Cliff State Park
P.S. I went with the Belkin slim fit armband & love it!

Rock formations; High Cliff State Park

Autumn; High Cliff State Park

flowers; High Cliff State Park
We had a lovely day & I can't wait to go back to do it again sometime soon!

Current Happenings.

Post idea inspired by Emily's 'Five Things' posts, at Cupcakes & Cashmere.
(a great way to stay active behind the camera, to document the little things)

Burano Island, Italy

I got this photo I snapped of a scene on Burano Island from our Euro Trip made into a canvas, but I'm not sure where to hang it yet.  Ohhh Burano Island... you make my heart sing!

Garden Fresh Tomatoes

The last crop of tomatoes from our garden this year -- sent off to my mother-in-law's house to become the BEST roasted tomato soup I ever did have!

Pretty leaves

These last two weeks have been PRIME fall in Wisconsin.  Sad to see the leaves fall... I wish they could hang on a bit longer.

Fall blooms; flowers

Also, the last blooms from our flower garden.

Chocolate chip zucchini muffins

We've been using our garden goods & making homemade chocolate chip zucchini breakfast muffins like they've been going out of style.  We just can't get enough of them!

Corn Maze

You know that disappointing feeling you get when you spend a lot of time carefully curating the most perfect Christmas present for a child, only to find that when they open it – they like the box more than the actual contents inside the box?

Yeah. That was our corn maze experience a few weeks ago.

I had planned the most perfect fall Saturday.  I called my sister & said I needed to kidnap her kids -- that Zac & I were taking them to a corn maze (because it’s on my fall bucket list, after all).  We will get lunch, we eat will ice cream, we will have a super fun time navigating through the maze… and it will be perfect.

She didn’t tell her kids all week what we had planned on doing, she just told them Auntie KK & Uncle Zac were taking them on an “adventure”.

For the record, they are 5 and 2½ years old -- they don’t really know what an adventure is, but they were excited for it.  And I was too.

They arrived at our house mid-morning; car seats were fastened in my car, water bottles were filled, and walking shoes were on.  We loaded up the kids & hit the road.

“I hope we’re going to Bay Beach.” says Elena.  “Actually, I hope we’re going to feed the ducks.”
“We’re going to do something totally new – something you’ve never done before!” I said.
“Where is it?  Is it going to take long to get there?  Are there bathrooms there?” Elena asked.
“It’s in Door County & will take about 45 minutes” I explained... “And yes, there are bathrooms there...”  <-- this kid worries about the most random things.

…10 minutes later…
“Are we there yet?”

We arrived at Schopf’s Hill Top Dairy, which looks straight out of a child’s story book.  Pumpkins lined the adorable barn themed store-front, Adirondack chairs were scattered about the play area, so that parents can watch as children climb around the play sets, & there was even an area to feed some farm animals.

We didn't waste any time purchasing our tickets for the corn maze & began our "adventure" right away.

Roughly ten minutes in, Kane got sick of walking.

When we got done with the brown maze, I asked if the kids wanted to do the red maze next, and they all but started crying,  "Nooooo!!  Don't make us do another one!  I'm hot. I'm hungry. I wanna play!"

So we listened to the kids & found the exit.  Elena was never more happy...

They had more fun playing on the tractors & play sets than navigating through the maze.  Guess they are still a bit young to enjoy it.  I had a blast, though :)

It was after 12:30 and we were all hungry, so we ordered a pizza & some rootbeer & had a picnic outside.

 After lunch, we fed a few farm animals...

Kane would spend the rest of his life on a tractor, if you'd let him.

At the end of the afternoon, we decided that we couldn't leave without a sweet treat first....

And then we got to watch them milk the cows, which was neat.

So lesson learned... playground > corn maze.   Now we know :)

I'm still so glad that we kidnapped them for the day.  Life gets so busy, and I don't see them near as often as I wish I did.  I love spending time with them; they make my heart so full!