The Super Blood Moon \ Total Lunar Eclipse.

I always have lofty goals of photographing the moon.

I think "Yep, the next full moon. You're going to photograph it."

The next full moon comes & goes, and I forget.

Then I read a new article about photographing the moon, and I tell myself "Ok, seriously.  The next time the moon looks cool, you have to photograph it."

It happened like twice.  And each time I managed to actually remember to photograph it, I wasn't pleased with the results.


Here's the thing about taking pictures of the moon; it's hard.   Well, it's not hard... you just need the right equipment... which I don't have.  And the right manual settings... which I suck at.

But, last Sunday morning, I heard all this hubbub about the "super blood moon"; the "total lunar eclipse"; the "this only happens a couple times a century" .... so, being the planner that I am, I told Siri to remind me 10 minutes before 9:00 pm to watch the sky.

At 8:50 pm, like clockwork, Siri sent me a reminder.  I got out my trusty tripod & set-up shop in the backyard.

Zac & I fidgeted around with my camera settings for a good 20 minutes.  We took about 40 frames, and I ended up with a few "decent" photos.

Without further ado -- here are my completely un-photoshopped, un-cropped images of the Super Moon Eclipse:

Blood moon

Blood moon
 Blood moon

Yeah.  Pretty anti-climatic.  BUT -- I did get to spend 45 minutes outside with my husband, watching the moon & stars on a beautiful Sunday evening.  That almost counts like a date, right? ;)

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