A Season of Thankfulness

Sometimes, it can feel like our world is crashing down.  A bad day, a bad week -- maybe even a bad month.  

Personally, our days may be difficult – work is stressful, family obligations seem overwhelming, and we’re forever searching for more time in the day.

Nationwide, we fear school shootings, we listen to politicians who are undoubtedly swayed by special interest groups vs. the overall good for mankind, and our media outlets seem to focus more on the latest design of the Starbucks cup than they do about the growing number of hungry & homeless people right here in the USA.

Globally, there isn't a day that passes in which the evening news doesn't make us cringe.  From the recent attacks in Paris & Lebanon, to the endless fighting in the Middle East – I think it’s safe to say some of us are living in fear.

We wonder when the bad day, bad week, or bad month will end?

But, even amidst our bad days & the crises of the world, we still have SO much to be thankful for.  I’ll bet 98% of the individuals reading this post have a roof over their head, a refrigerator full of food, and family & friends who love them unconditionally.  I’ll bet 98% of the individual’s reading this post have the freedom of religion, speech & the freedom to be whatever they aspire to be.  We have to remember that even when it feels like our world is crashing down, there are always beautiful, kindhearted souls who are willing to help.

Look for the helpers.  Be the helper.  And be thankful for all things.

The wonderful ladies over at Lolly Jane designed this printable.  I adore it so much so that I wanted to share it with you.  It's a free printable, click here to download it!

This season, let’s remember to count our blessings.  Even among the brokenness, let’s find beauty.  Let’s remember that we still have so much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Happy Sunday.

Last weekend I had a really nasty stomach bug, and have been feeling a bit queasy all week, but I think I'm finally on the mend.  My appetite is back, and this winter fruit salad with lemon poppy seed dressing looks amazing to me right now!

I love how Julia styled this pretty Old Navy scarf -- the pattern mixing & the POP it makes against the snow has me lusting over this look!

I'm not the biggest Bloody Mary fan in the entire world, but these look so good to me!  Maybe it's the cute napkins... or the pickle :)

Pie stencils -- perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

I'm getting the itch to plan a winter vacation, and this graphic about airline legroom has me intrigued.

Inspiration: Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Now that Halloween is over, I feel like everyone is skipping over Thanksgiving & focusing right on Christmas.

That's fine & all (I love me some Christmas, too) but let's not look past the next holiday... THANKSGIVING!

It's not about the sales...
It's not about football...
It's not about deer hunting...

It's about counting our blessings, spending time with family, & giving thanks.  And we celebrate by eating lots of yummy food!

Juicy turkey with mashed potatoes, grandma's stuffing, and pumpkin pie... the thought of it is making my mouth water!

In my family, my sister always hosts Thanksgiving, but if I had the chance I'd love to put together a fall inspired tablescape.

For fun, I've gathered three of my favorites from around the web.  Designs that are magazine-worthy, no doubt, but totally doable for the "average joe".

image via Jenna Sue Design

Wood box centerpiece filled with things from around the yard -- pine clippings, berries & pinecones, along with some candles.  Woven pacements & a burlap runner -- so darling!

 image via Julie Blanner

I love that this centerpiece uses apples instead of the traditional pumpkins.  Add in cheesecloth & seeded eucalyptus & you have  a simple yet stunning tablescape!

Quintessentially fall, this tablescape screams Thanksgiving: pumpkins, gourds, & mason jars.  I love how rustic it is!

What one is your favorite?