A look back: the beauty in the sky

December, for me, is generally always a time for reflection.  Even among the craziness of Christmas shopping, decorating, candy making, and attending parties & gatherings, I always make time to take a look back.

As 2015 comes to a close, I’m remembering the stunning sunrises, sunsets, & skies that I got experience this year (most of them in my own yard!)

Below is a sampling of the memorable skies that I was fortunate enough to capture on my iphone throughout 2015. 

These images were all originally shared to my Instagram account (follow me by clicking here, or search for katie_mydarlingdays)

How blessed are we to be surrounded by such beauty?!  Amen to the skies in 2015, they were good to us! 


  1. They are gorgeous! I also love skies!!!

  2. They are gorgeous! I also love skies!!!

  3. maybe it's bc these photos are familiar and resonate with me... but i absolutely think they're stunning shots you've been able to capture!


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