O' Christmas Tree... O' Christmas Tree

Isn't this just the most glorious time of the year?

Sure, summer is fun.  Fall is beautiful.  But Christmas time -- it's just magical.

It's the sound of Christmas music.  It's driving home from work & admiring all the Christmas lights.  It's the glow of the Christmas tree, shedding it's hue throughout the house.  It's cuddling under your favorite blanket, drinking hot cocoa, & watching your favorite Christmas movie... It's the fact that people, around this time of the year, seem more kind & generous -- it's like each day leading up to Christmas has a bit of magic sprinkled through out it.  And it just puts you in a good mood!

Another thing that puts me in a good mood?  Getting our Christmas tree.  I look forward to the day every year.  We bundle up, hunt for the perfect tree, & then head to breakfast to fill our bellies before the decorating begins.

Last weekend, we cut down our 5th Christmas tree as a married couple -- and it literally took us 4 minutes.  Seriously, 4 minutes.  I think that's like a record or something.

So let it be remembered, that the Christmas of 2015 -- that was the year it took us 4 minutes to find, agree on, & cut down the winner.

Amen to that!

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  1. And its so pretty! We're taking a break from real trees until our kiddos are old enough to make memories of it and I'm excited for to get back to it in a few years- such a fun tradition!