This handsome husband of mine turns thirty today.  THIRTY.  30.

Five Year Wedding Anniversary Photo | My Darling Days
This photo taken for our 5 year wedding anniversary, taken this past October

Gosh, I just feel like 30 seems so old...  I clearly know that it's not, but it seems like, well. This is it.
You're not in your twenties anymore.  You officially have to be a responsible member of society.
Because you're THIRTY.  You should know life stuff...
You should have a successful career, a house with a white picket fence, a handful of kids, life insurance, and a 401k.

I know all that is silly, because age is just a number.  But for some reason, thirty just stings for me...
Thank God I'm not turning 30 for a couple more years :)

Okay, that was kind of depressing, and I didn't mean it to be.  I do really want to wish my Zachary the best of Birthdays. We've had a couple really sucky weeks & it's time we celebrate something fun.

So in honor of you turning 30, here are 30 things that I love about you!

1. The way you love me.
2. That you're a dreamer.
3. How you ALWAYS find the positive in every situation.
4. When you hug me, that you always tell me I feel so small in your arms.
5. Your smile.  Even that snaggle tooth on the bottom.
6. The way your eyebrows move when you talk about something you're really passionate about.
7. When you start a new hobby, how you go all in (this also drives me crazy, too) ;)
8. When you laugh or giggle, how your head kind of tips back and to the side. It's so cute!
9. Your hands.  I know this is weird, but I think you have the best hands & fingers.
10.  That you make the best coffee.
11. Also that you make the best eggs.
12. How thoughtful you are.
13. That I know you will never let us fail, no matter what life hands us.
14. How much you love God & that you are continually reminding me to trust in Him, always.
15. The way you look when you're sleeping.
16. I equal parts love & despise how smart you are.
17. How you can look at something & figure out how it works in an instant.
18. That you're never afraid to try something new.
19. How much you genuinely care for your family & friends.
20. When you read a magazine, how you always lay down on the floor to do it.
21. That you let me pester you.
22. The way you laugh uncontrollably when I can find your one ticklish spot.
23. How patient you are with me, even when I'm easily frustrated.
24. When you bring my crazy ideas to life.
25. That you always wear your wedding ring.
26. When you scoop me up off the couch like a baby because I'm too lazy to get up.
27. How you know me better than I know myself sometimes.
28. That you clean the toilets.
29. How you always hold the door open for me.
30. That we were lucky enough to cross paths 11 years ago, and you persistently "chased" me for 5 months until I would officially say yes to being your girlfriend.

(For the record, I contemplated keeping these private; writing them in a card & not sharing them with the world.  But the world needs to know how great you are, and how much I love you).

I love you more than you know & more than I show sometimes.  Always remember that.

Here's to 30 years, babe.  Cheers!


  1. So sweet, your list shares so much about his character! Your love and mine seem very, very alike; how blessed are we!?!


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