Thankful for Seasons -- in Nature, and in Life.

I realized on my drive home from work one day last week, that seasons -- both in nature & in life -- aren't fully appreciated until they're gone.

Maybe that sounds silly, or maybe I'm just getting older & more nostalgic (probably true), but here's my theory:

The sun was shining bright & it felt so warm on my face, through my car windows. Surely, I've felt this warmth many times before, but I'd forgotten how good it felt until at that moment, because it's been awhile since we've had a nice, sun-shiny day.  I then realized I would be home with enough time to get some exercise in outside, for the first time in months.
Immediately, a hopeful sense that longer, warmer days are just around the corner came over me.

It wasn't until I felt the warmth of the sun again, until I realized how much I appreciate  & look forward to the season that's about to come: Spring.

It's nearing the end of winter, and we've all got cabin fever.  We're growing tired of itchy scarfs & clunky boots -- and salt coated vehicles that could be washed every other day.  Soon though, Spring will roll around & we'll feel SO thankful for warmer temps & budding flowers.

Spring | My Darling Days

Spring; Tulips | My Darling Days

Spring gradually transitions to Summer, and we're SO thankful for hotter days, hours and hours of sunshine, & all the fun outdoor activities on the horizon.

Summer | My Darling Days

Summer; Sunsets | My Darling Days

Then just when we're feeling "over" the humidity, Fall sets in and we're SO happy to feel the crunchy leaves beneath our feet & admire the beautiful array of Autumn colors.

Fall | My Darling Days

Fall | My Darling Days

Just when we think God couldn't make Nature any more beautiful, the first winter snow storm leaves our Earth covered in a shimmery white blanket, and we think: Now this, this is amazing.

Winter | My Darling Days

Winter | My Darling Days

This cycle happens over & over again, year after year, and season after season.

And this is why I think a changing of the seasons, is the only way that we really feel thankful & appreciate the previous season.

Isn't that so true in life, too?   We often don't appreciate something until it's gone.

We reflect back on a previous year, and think "man, that year really sucked".  But then we more closely examine parts of our so-called "really sucky year," and we find a silver lining.  Without doubt, there were a lot of great moments in that year too -- we just didn't fully appreciate them until they were over... much like the seasons.

I'm learning to appreciate the seasons -- look for the silver living -- and BE thankful.
We are lucky to live in this life, full of wonderful seasons.

What season is your favorite?


  1. aw, i happen to love winter as much as i do spring, summer and fall. :) but i did hear the seasons click today! spring weather is upon us - i just wonder if old man winter will make a comeback before he leaves for good.

  2. if you don't mind me asking, what part of wisconsin are you from?

    1. It's Wisconsin -- we're bound to get one last snow storm before April... haha! I hope not though.

      I am from Northeast Wisconsin, near Green Bay. You?

    2. riiight! :)

      and i'm from northcentral, wis. mosinee!


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