Be more present.

It was a regular Monday evening.  I rushed home from work to start making supper -- we were having grilled chicken, asparagus, and brown rice.  While the chicken was precooking in the oven, I scrolled through various social media platforms.  About half way through my feed, the oven timer went off – it was time to transfer the chicken to the grill.

The chicken had just baked in the oven for 40 minutes.  That means, I just spent 40 minutes mindlessly scrolling through Instagram & Snapchat & Facebook.  I took a moment to realize how ridiculous that just was.  I could have used that 40 minutes to get some housework done, or exercised, or better yet – played with my pup who just spent nearly 10 hours in her kennel.  Instead, I wasted it scrolling through photos & reading captions from people I will never actually meet in “real” life.

The truth is though, after a long day of work, sometimes I just need a mindless scroll.  I need a second (or 40 minutes, apparently) to chill.  And actually, my Instagram feed is quite inspiring – I genuinely enjoy getting to sit down & scroll through it daily.

The other truth, though – is that I scroll through various forms of social media while I brush my teeth (morning & night), at various points throughout my day while at work (when I can connect to the internet), whenever I have to wait in line or in a waiting room, generally always while supper is cooking, often times while Zac is driving and I’m the passenger, and usually for about an hour or so in evening.

If you added up all that time, I bet it would equal nearly 2-3 hours every day.  How sad is that?

This got me thinking.  Our days are often filled with excuses like, “I don’t have time to cook.”  “I don’t have time to work out."  “I don’t have time to blah, blah, blah...”

This week though, I'm making time.  And I'm challenging myself to be more present.  To put down my phone, and make time for all the things I say I don't have time for.  Now that's not to say I'm giving up social media all together, but I am going to try to cut way back this week.  And I encourage you to do the same.

I'm anxious to see how I feel at the end of the week -- if I'm yearning to scroll, or if I'm perfectly OK with cutting out so much screen time.

I'd love to know -- how much time do you spend on social media?  Do you have any "rules" that you follow -- like No Phones at the Table, or No Phones in bed?  Share with me in the comment section below! 

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  1. The struggle is real! I've given up Facebook and don't really miss it. I go to Pinterest when I am looking for a specific idea, but not to browse. I use Twitter, checking only about once a month, to follow my daughter's teacher who posts pictures of the class. I don't allow myself to join Periscope, Snapchat, or any other social media...though I've been super tempted to check out Periscope. I do really enjoy and feel inspired by Instagram, so I allow myself that indulgence and check it 2-3 times a day. I rarely read blog posts/online articles unless I think they will benefit/inspire/contribute to the lifestyle we lead. We don't have any hard and fast rules, but try not to be distracted by technology when we are with loved ones and while eating meals. We do fall into bad habits from time to time, but I feel like we've taken healthy strides forward and are finding a good balance.


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