#gardenlife, round 2!

Last year, if you remember, we planted our very first garden.

For being amateurs, we got a great yield & are still eating our frozen veggies from last year!  We just finished the last of our onions & have about 4 containers of homemade pasta sauce left, so bring on the new garden year!

We did a few things differently from last year, including making the actual garden a little larger, fencing it in, and trying a new system for the tomatoes & cucumbers...

Gardening; cucumbers | My Darling Days
The cucumbers are starting to climb!

Grace monster | My Darling Days
The fence was to keep this monster from eating all our tomatoes...

Gardening; tomtaotes | My Darling Days
The tomatoes are climbing as well!

I took the following photos just 2 weeks ago, and already we have harvested a round of spinach, lettuce, 1 cucumber & 1 zucchini -- I can't believe how fast it's growing... or how excited about it I am... guess this confirms once again that I am getting old. 

Please ignore the awful weeds... those suckers are relentless!

Gardening; spinach | My Darling Days

Gardening; tomtaotes | My Darling Days

Gardening; lettuce| My Darling Days

Gardening; critters | My Darling Days

Gardening; onions | My Darling Days

Gardening; peppers | My Darling Days

Gardening; beans | My Darling Days
Green Beans

Gardening; zucchini | My Darling Days

Gardening; broccoli | My Darling Days

Gardening; cucumber | My Darling Days

Gardening; zinnias | My Darling Days

Gardening; sunflowers | My Darling Days
Mini sunflowers

Gardening; Gracie | My Darling Days

Gardening; | My Darling Days

Family or friends reading this -- let me know if you want some garden goods, we'd be happy to share!

The thing about eating outside...

... it makes you feel like you’re on vacation.

breakfast, pancakes | My Darling Days
You linger -- longer than you would at the regular (indoor) table.  You kinda forget about all the dirty dishes you just made back in the house, because out-of-sight, out-of-mind, amiright?

coffee, Anthropolgie mug | My Darling Days

If you're eating breakfast, it's a great way to set the mood for the day.
If you're eating supper, the fresh air seems to melt away the stress of your day, one sip of wine at a time…

breakfast, pancakes | My Darling Days

Since Memorial Day, we've made it a point to eat outside as much as possible.

This particular morning the birds were chirping, the sun was rising, and Grace was cute as ever.  I could have basked there for hours.   I looked at Zac and said, "I wish every morning started like this."  Slow, sunny, and serene... (and with homemade pancakes & bacon!)

breakfast | My Darling Days

Gracie begging | My Darling Days

homemade syrup, pancakes, coffee | My Darling Days

OJ, coffee, pancakes, bacon, breakfast | My Darling Days

Our deck is literally 2 steps from our kitchen table, but when you open that patio door and step foot on the deck, it’s like entering a whole new world.  In fact, I feel like anytime you eat outside, it’s special.  Whether you throw a blanket on the lawn & call it a backyard picnic, or eat ice cream at the shore, or even pull down the tailgate & eat nachos from the gas station -- it just feels good.

I challenge you this week, to cook a meal at home & serve it outside on your patio or deck.  It’s the best mood booster.
And a great way to slow down, while practicing to be more present.

Gracie Lou | My Darling Days

I love deck weather.  Cheers to dining alfresco all summer long!

The night the sky was on fire

One week ago today, God created a masterpiece.

Fire sky; Sunset; Northeast Wisconsin | My Darling Days Blog

I had the hardest time capturing it on my camera, because I was too lazy to use a tripod.  In fact, we almost missed this all together...

Fire sky; Sunset; Northeast Wisconsin | My Darling Days Blog

It was storming earlier in the evening, so we had settled in to watch a movie.  At about 8:45pm my mom texted me "Check out that sunset!"

So we popped our heads up from off the couch & immediately went outside.

Fire sky; Sunset; Northeast Wisconsin | My Darling Days Blog

Fire sky; Sunset; Northeast Wisconsin | My Darling Days Blog

I had never seen a sky like that before in my life -- and I apparently wasn't the only one -- Snapchats were being sent like crazy & my entire Facebook feed was photos of the sunset (which, I'd much rather vs. some of the crap that ends up on there) :)

Fire sky; Sunset; Northeast Wisconsin | My Darling Days Blog

View to the northeast...
Sunset; Northeast Wisconsin | My Darling Days Blog

Fire sky; Sunset; Northeast Wisconsin | My Darling Days Blog

Mother Nature, she sure is amazing!

Momma & Bambi

It's no secret that Zac is obsessed with hunting.  In fact, I've written about it a couple times: here & here.

He spends hours doing all things hunting related -- planting food plots, cutting shooting lanes & checking deer cams.  He saves all his deer cam images to try to figure out patterns with the deer, and where he should sit & when.
(I sure hope this year his hard work finally pays off!)  

Anyways, I came across these images his Cuddeback caught a few weeks ago & they are too precious not to share!

Now if only he caught Thumper (the pink-nosed rabbit) & Flower (the skunk) on his deer cam, then he'd have the whole Bambi cast!


How you know you are getting old.

Today, I am one year closer to the dreaded 30.

I find myself thinking lately, that I am getting old.   Because, things that bother me at 29, surely did not bother me at 20.

I know, I know... in the realm of life, twenty-nine is NOT old.  However, I've complied a list that proves I ain't gettin' any younger.  Can I get a 'Amen' to any of these?? ;)

How you know you're getting old...
You wear heels to a wedding on Saturday, and by Tuesday your feel still hurt.  You might even lose a toenail.

You like dark chocolate & bold coffee... and you like DECAF coffee after supper, or whenever you eat something sweet.

You went to the bar for drinks with friends, and you complained about how loud the music was.

You say things like: "Why on earth did she start a group text at 9:00 PM on a Sunday night? Now, my phone is going to be blowing up all night."

Clean sheets day = best day ever.

You only shop at Kohl's when you get a 30% off.

When sitting pretzel-legged for more than 3 minutes, your legs/feet fall asleep <--- (you used to be able to sit this way for hours!)

On Friday evenings, you'd generally prefer to watch a movie & be in bed by 10.  Hey, it's been a long week.

You are super annoyed by all the "young teens" hanging out at the mall.  Also, you hardly ever go to said mall anymore.

You have designated "house shoes" (shoes you only wear in the house) that you slip into immediately after taking off your work shoes because your feet & back will hurt if you don't have some kind of arch support while cooking/cleaning/etc.

You feel accomplished after a good Saturday morning cleaning sesh.

On Sundays, you meal plan.

It takes you a minimum of 4 weeks to pick out a new washer & dryer.

You get upset when your husband leaves all the lights on.

You start finding random chin hairs... like, WTF?

You see a young woman at The Frosty Tip with a shirt that shows off her belly button ring & a face full of make-up -- you comment to your husband about how you would never let your daughter leave the house like that.

You start finding GREY hair.  At age 27.

When you realize that you are turning into your mother....