How you know you are getting old.

Today, I am one year closer to the dreaded 30.

I find myself thinking lately, that I am getting old.   Because, things that bother me at 29, surely did not bother me at 20.

I know, I know... in the realm of life, twenty-nine is NOT old.  However, I've complied a list that proves I ain't gettin' any younger.  Can I get a 'Amen' to any of these?? ;)

How you know you're getting old...
You wear heels to a wedding on Saturday, and by Tuesday your feel still hurt.  You might even lose a toenail.

You like dark chocolate & bold coffee... and you like DECAF coffee after supper, or whenever you eat something sweet.

You went to the bar for drinks with friends, and you complained about how loud the music was.

You say things like: "Why on earth did she start a group text at 9:00 PM on a Sunday night? Now, my phone is going to be blowing up all night."

Clean sheets day = best day ever.

You only shop at Kohl's when you get a 30% off.

When sitting pretzel-legged for more than 3 minutes, your legs/feet fall asleep <--- (you used to be able to sit this way for hours!)

On Friday evenings, you'd generally prefer to watch a movie & be in bed by 10.  Hey, it's been a long week.

You are super annoyed by all the "young teens" hanging out at the mall.  Also, you hardly ever go to said mall anymore.

You have designated "house shoes" (shoes you only wear in the house) that you slip into immediately after taking off your work shoes because your feet & back will hurt if you don't have some kind of arch support while cooking/cleaning/etc.

You feel accomplished after a good Saturday morning cleaning sesh.

On Sundays, you meal plan.

It takes you a minimum of 4 weeks to pick out a new washer & dryer.

You get upset when your husband leaves all the lights on.

You start finding random chin hairs... like, WTF?

You see a young woman at The Frosty Tip with a shirt that shows off her belly button ring & a face full of make-up -- you comment to your husband about how you would never let your daughter leave the house like that.

You start finding GREY hair.  At age 27.

When you realize that you are turning into your mother....

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