Summer Snapshots

It's rather hard to believe, but summer is half over already...

While I love the warm summer months, knowing fall is around the corner has me very excited, but I'm not wishing time away!

Here are a few of the ways that we've been enjoying this season:
(this is mix of camera & iPhone photos, so sorry about the poor quality)

  Took off on a Friday & hit the beach.

Zac trained & ran his first 10k!  So proud of him!

Spent the day in Door County with my long lost cousin.  

And then we played old school Uno at Grandma's, because #wheninrome...

Made a slew of strawberry freezer jam with my mom & dad.

 Captured backyard rainbows.

Had a couple Frosty Tip dates with these cuties.

Picked our first batch of zinnias from the garden.

Played with this cutie.

Spent a few evenings on the water, and tried to fish...

...But all we caught were Busch Lights.

Woke up next to these three bed heads.

And took lots of evening walks with this wild one.

What have you been up to this summer?   

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