Christmas Nostalgia

This time of the year always brings back so many memories.

Christmas traditions (and Christmas movies!) are some of my very favorite memories.  My parents always made this time of the year so special for us, and I hope to do the same for our little babe.

A few memories I will never forget...

- Christmas jammie photos

Christmas Nostalgia | My Darling Days

- Begging dad to bring up the Christmas decor boxes from the basement immediately following Thanksgiving. I loved to help mom decorate -- she always had the best decorations (she still does). My very favorite was the mantel above the fireplace, because that is where our stockings hung.  I love that she hand-stitched each of our names on our stockings.

Christmas Nostalgia | My Darling Days

- Going to the tree farm as a family & dad cutting down our Christmas tree.

- Going Christmas shopping as family -- Fleet Farm's Toy Land was always a stop on our list.  We would beg to go down the pink aisle (aka, the Barbie aisle) and while we were marveling at all the pink goodness, mom would be running around gathering toys in her cart and hiding them on us.

- Becky & I always had matching Christmas outfits...

Christmas Nostalgia | My Darling Days

Christmas Nostalgia | My Darling Days

- Dad in his blaze orange "onezie" snow suit putting up all my grandpa Elmer's homemade Christmas decorations outside.  We would help him for about 10 minutes, but then quickly lost interest... we had snow forts to make!

- Putting reindeer horns on Cuddles.

Christmas Nostalgia | My Darling Days

- Making turtles at grandma's house with my Aunt Jane -- her's are the very best!

- Always being spoiled rotten for Christmas (we still are).

But even if Christmas meant no presents, I'll never forget these memories.  As we've gotten older and married into new families, we have new traditions and memories, but these old ones will surely never fade.

I can't wait until we get to share some of these traditions, and make some new ones with our child next year.  Until then, Zac & I are savoring these last couple of months with just each other... and Grace!

Merry Christmas to all!

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