Newborn Essentials: Our Top Ten Must Haves

Now that we've been parents for a month (what?!)  I thought I'd post about our most-used items for making life with a newborn a little less stressful -- if that's even a thing :)

Newborn Essentials - Top Ten Must Haves | My Darling Days

1. HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper
This is something I wish we would have registered for/bought right away, but live & learn!  We had planned on using the bassinet insert to our Pack n' Play, but after setting it up the night we got home from the hospital, we quickly realized that we were not comfortable having Ellis sleep in there.  In short, it felt rickety & unsafe.  We then spent the first week home having him sleep in all sorts of different things, and I just wasn't comfortable with any of them -- nothing felt right.  And everyone preaches -- keep baby in the room with you, on a flat & firm surface.  Back is best!  Well, nothing that we had was flat & firm, so I finally Amazon primed this Bassinet & we're SO glad we did.  We all sleep better now.

2. HALO  SleepSack Micro-fleece Swaddle 
The first few days home, Zac & I were double swaddling Ellis at night time with two receiving blankets.  They did this in the hospital when his temp dropped, and we always thought our house felt cold (even though we had it at 75 degrees!) so we were worried about him staying warm enough.  But then I read that you should keep your house between 68-72 degrees as to not let your baby overheat (SIDS risk), and you should not tightly swaddle your newborn to sleep at night.  We've now been using this sleep sack and it's been great.  After a night feeding, I'll put Ellis in this & he usually melts right to sleep.  I feel confident that he's plenty warn & safe inside this.

3. Newborn gowns / zipper sleepers with hand coverings
You've got enough going on during the first month and the last thing you need to fuss with are tricky snaps and buttons, and trying to keep baby from scratching his face with his hands.  The mittens they sell are JUNK.  They do not stay on.  So any sleeper or gown with the built in hand coverings and zippers are a MUST!  This seems like such a trivial thing, but trust me -- they will save you a headache.

4. Pampers Swaddlers - Newborn
Breastfeeding momma's are asked to record every feeding, poop & pee for the first week or so, and these diapers have a nice indicator on them so you know when baby has peed. *Along with this, the app Baby Tracker is my best friend!

5. Burp cloths
Have plenty of them so you're not constantly doing wash, although you will be anyways :)

6. Breast Pump
I don't care what kind, just have one.  I'm thankful I had this prior to Ellis' arrival.  I made more milk than Ellis needed per feeding, so I use my pump to "get relief".   Plus, I've been able to start a pretty good storage supply, thanks to the pump.

7. Diaper genie
We have this one, but there are a ton out there.  Basically, it's nice to have this within a foot of the changing table to house soiled diapers.

8. Changing pad
This gets used about 15 times a day :)

9. Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock n' Play Sleeper
This is super handy when you need to put baby down -- whether he's awake or taking a nap.  It's lightweight, portable, and Ellis really seems to enjoy it.

10. Freezer Meals
Make them ahead of time.  Or, family & friends, this is a GREAT gift to bring a new momma & daddy.  Mom is still healing; if she's breastfeeding that takes half her day (the other half consists of changing diapers), and both mom & dad are getting used to functioning on just a fraction of sleep.  However, everyone still needs to eat.  Having meals 98% already prepared was a lifesaver for us.

What would you add to this list?

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