Our Summer in Snapshots

The other day I was letting myself get bummed out, because it felt like we hadn't done "anything fun" yet this summer.

We haven't taken a vacation in over a year & have nothing planned for the near future.

It wasn't until I uploaded photos from my camera & phone that I realized I was being ridiculous... we don't necessarily have to travel to have fun.  We've done plenty of fun things this summer.  And most importantly, we've made lots of new memories with Ellis!

Some of our memorable summer snapshots, below:
(sorry for the poor quality, most of these are phone pics)

First trip to the zoo!

Uncle Lance, Auntie Jacki, and cousin Caleb joined us, too!

 Giggles with Auntie Becky!

 Cooling off in the pool at Grandma Sue & Papa Poogie's house

 Father's Day gifts for Daddy

Snuggles with Dad

Poop blowouts!

Lots of playtime

Hangin' with cousin Owen!

Day trips to Door County

Ice cream evenings at Frosty Tip

Sunday family snuggles on the couch

Naps with Daddy

Trips to the greenhouse!

Reading letters from pen pal Grandma Bero

Story-time with Mom

Friday nights with Grandma Annoye

Cuddles with Grandma Sue

Summer-time family walks

Tummy-time on Dad

Mikki & Mitch's wedding!

Snapchat filters with Mom

Family hikes

Lots of time on the changing table 

Pumpkin patch weeding by Great Grandma Patsy & Great Papa Lloyd

Chocolate malt holding

First Uno game!

Trying to hold a bottle

Meeting Uncle Blane from Omaha!

Family campfires

Celebrating Great Uncle Tony's 104th Birthday!!

Meeting baby Nolan!

Cheering on Uncle Lance and Daddy at the Belgian Day's Run 

First parade

Reppin' the Brew Crew

Slow Saturday mornings 

Wishing it were Friday, always...

Lookin' at bucks with Dad

Visits with Uncle Tony

Watching the fair parade with friends!

Visits with Great Grandma Bero

Golf cart rides with Grammy Char & Papa Randy


Snuggles with Cousin Collin <3

We're looking forward to closing out summer with lots more memories!

Happy August!

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