Parenthood: "it's different when it's your kid"

I vividly remember watching my sister tip Kane's head back, and with the tip of her pinky finger nail, she wedged it up his little nostril to grab a big, green, slimy booger out of this nose.

"Ewww! Why don't you use a tissue?"  I asked.

"This method is much more effective," she said.

Kane had a cold. There was snot everywhere crusted on his face.

After said booger removal, Kane proceeded to give his mom a "hug", which was really just a ploy to wipe his snotty nose on Becky's shoulder.

My stomach turned. I got nauseous over the thought of his gross booger, lodged up under her pinky nail, not to mention now she was covered in snot.

Becky didn't even bat an eye.  She washed her hands & continued to fold the pile of laundry sitting on their couch.  She could tell though, by the look of disgust on my face, that I was grossed out...

"It's different when they're your own", she said.

No way, I thought.  Boogers are gross.  Snot is gross.  Your kid or not, it's still gross.

Fast forward a few years, and here I am... I've become the mom who takes her pinky finger nail to extract boogers from her child's nose.  Zac's fingers are simply too big, so I've become the self-proclaimed Booger Puller in this household.

And oddly enough, I get this weird feeling of satisfaction when I dislodge a big booger out of Ellis's nose.  I feel like I'm helping him breathe better, and -- it's gotta feel good to get that outta there.  In fact, I'm always kind of on booger patrol. Grandma Sue scolds me for poking and prodding at his little nose all the time, but I'm just tryin' to help the little fella out.

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So yeah.  I get it.  Dealing with gross bodily functions IS different when it's your own child.

When you become a mom, you basically become a giant burp rag...

I wipe drool with my hand (and then wipe my hand on my pants).  I'm always covered in spit up.  I use my hand to cover a shooting pee sprout in the bath tub, and don't think twice about it.  My left shoulder is always wet because I tend to hold Ellis on that side, and he always gnaws on my shoulder bone.  I've gotten runny, mustard baby poop on my hands more times than I care to admit.  When Ellis had a cold, I all but made out with him so that I would get his germs because I heard my breastmilk would make antibodies for him to fight the cold.  And most recently, Ellis has actually sneezed in my mouth...

And you know what?  I wouldn't have it any other way... because it's different when it's your kid!

Tell me, what's your baby's best gross bodily function story?  I'd love to hear! :)

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