Make: Lactation Cookies {and other tips for boosting your supply}

I'm currently just shy of 9 months into my breastfeeding journey.  I've shared before about the not so glamorous truths of breastfeeding in this post, and since then some aspects have gotten easier, while others have not.

A recent issue I've been dealing with is low supply, which just floors me because I was such an over-producer for the first three months.  Maybe this is my body's way of telling me that it's time to hang it up, but I so desperately want Ellis to receive momma's milk for the first year of his life.

I've heard the following ways can help increase your milk supply:

Drink a beer every night.
Drink a blue Gatorade.
Drink mother's milk tea.
Eat oatmeal.
Use Fennel essential oil.
Take a Fenungrek supplement.
Drink 75 million gallons of water a day.
Eat healthy fats like nuts and butter and avocados.
Put flax seed on everything.
Power pump.
Reduce stress.

I've tried a few things on the above list, but in my efforts to research how to increase my supply, I found this recipe for lactation cookies.  Basically, I was hooked at the word 'cookie'.

Make: Lactation Cookies | My Darling Days

Make: Lactation Cookies | My Darling Days

Zac, being the wonderful husband that he is, has been making me batches of these cookies every couple weeks, and I honestly do notice a slight increase my in supply when I eat them.  Plus, they taste really good, so I am highly recommending them.

Make: Lactation Cookies | My Darling Days

We freeze them, and I eat one or two a day.  I notice that I pump about two more ounces in the morning when I eat them consistently.  I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but every drop counts!  Whether it's a coincidence or not, I'm not sure, but I certainly don't mind "needing" to eat my cookies everyday!

Make: Lactation Cookies | My Darling Days

If anyone has had any luck in successfully boosting their supply, please share your secrets in the comment section below!


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