A New Year's Resolution... (or lack thereof)

A new year.
A clean slate.
A chance to start fresh.
Blah. Blah. Blah.

By now, you've read or heard about everyone's resolutions for the new year; we are 4 days in, after all.
But me... I've got nuthin'.

I suppose "floss daily" or "eat less sugar" could surely make my list.   But I just kind of feel like I don't even care.

Am I uninspired?  Maybe.
Tired?  Always.
Perhaps it's the dang sub-zero temps we've had for like 2 weeks straight, and I just need to get outside.
But for whatever reason, I just feel like I'm kind of in a funk this season.

I think it started with the holidays & the feeling of too much pressure to "do it all".  Mostly self-imposed pressure, I might add.  And then I started off the new year on a real good note too, with the stomach flu... my second stomach flu in less than 4 weeks.  What the crap?!  I've never been so sick in all my life.

My kid was sick too and is now teething.  My husband has a really bad cold & coughs all night long. When will we all be healthy again?!

I mean, I feel guilty for even complaining because I have so much to be thankful for, but I think it's just human nature to get in a funk every now & then.

So that's why I came here, to jot it down, and hopefully relate to someone else who's in this funk-like state as well.  If you haven't made any resolutions this year, and don't intend to either -- I'm air high-fiving you right now.

We'll get it figured out.  But for right now, we just BE.

Happy 2018!

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