Create: Pot of Gold Rainbow // Tips for Painting with Baby

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We're celebrating today with a fun craft -- what's cuter than a rainbow of baby feet leading to a pot of gold?

St. Patrick's Day Toddler Craft, Rainbow to a Pot of Gold | My Darling Days

A few lessons I've learned when painting with baby: 
- It's much easier to get footprints than it is handprints.
- Use Crayola washable kids paint.  It's a breeze to clean up.
- Apply with foam paint brushes.  They're cheap & get the job done.
- It's much easier at two people, but can be done by yourself.  Just find a way to contain baby (high chair works great) and give him something for both his hands. Snacks work great as well.
- Get them naked.  And for you, wear clothes that you don't mind getting stained.
- Have everything ready before you start: wet rags, dry rags, paint out, water ready, paper secured to a hard surface - a clip board works great!
- Bring the paper to the baby, don't try to stretch his leg/foot to meet the paper.
- Be quick.  Make lots of funny noises.  Give lots of kisses.  Show them what they've made. Clap your hands after each footprint.  It will keep them interested, excited, and entertained.
- Have fun with it!  Be okay with imperfection & leave your expectations at the door.  You might have to try a few times to get it right.

Toddler Crafting | My Darling Days

Ellis loves to create!

Toddler Crafting | My Darling Days

His masterpiece, hung proudly on the fridge.   

St. Patrick's Day Toddler Craft, Rainbow to a Pot of Gold | My Darling Days

What are you doing to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your kiddos today?

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