Reeling in the BIG one | Ellis's First Birthday Party

It's true, our little Ellis is officially one! We celebrated with a fishing-themed party, where he "reeled in the Big One!"  

We wanted Ellis's first party to be festive, but not over the top.  Let's face it, he won't remember any of the details, but turning one is a BIG deal.  So, we shopped our house for decor, everyone brought a dish to pass, and my in-laws were gracious enough to let us use their fishing-hole (garage) for the party.

Here are a few snapshots of Ellis's big day!

Adorable cupcakes that my Aunt Jane made, thank you!.

"Live Bait" dirt dessert, thanks to my momma.

Zac's striped marlin, that he caught on our Hawaiian honeymoon.
I mean, what other kid in Northeast Wisconsin, gets a marlin at their Birthday party? 

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The cutest piñata, made by my mom.
(I'm trying to convince her to sell these for fun; she's so good at making them!)

 The girl's playing Hedbanz & Ellis joined right in.  It was so cute!

He LOVED opening his gifts and cried when there were no more left to open... 

Singing Happy Birthday!

And, he was a big fan of the cupcakes, too!

He wanted to share with every one.

Lastly, a few swings at the piñata. 

I want to thank my mom for all her help.  Along with everything else already mentioned, she handmade Ellis's onezie.  I also shopped her house for decor, too.

And a special thank you to Randy & Char for hosting; it was the perfect spot for Ellis to reel in the big one with all his family!

Thank to you everyone who came to celebrate our little man... clearly, our best catch!

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