Maple Syruping.

The Everard Boys concluded another year of maple syrup making.

Per usual, I'm glad that I didn't have to lift a finger and yet still get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.
I take that back.  I went with Zac once this year to check the taps / gather sap.  Proof; it's documented below.

In all honestly, I mostly just pulled Ellis in the sled & took a few pictures.  But hey!  Family time, right? :) 

Maple syrup gathering looked a little different this year than it did last year...

The boys tapped different trees.
There was much more snow on the ground.
It was very cold.
Oh, and I had a baby!
(That photo on the left... Ellis was born 4 short hours after it was taken)

You know what's great about Maple Syrup Season?  It's smack dab in the drab of winter.
That in-between "blah" season when you're so ready for winter to be done & for spring to arrive.
The day the boys boil sap brings that feeling that spring is jusssst around the corner for me.  I usually start some spring cleaning and get the house decorated for Easter, while the boys freeze their bums off all day boiling the sap. 

Side note: what's funnier than a baby in snow pants and boots that are two sizes too big, trying to walk in the snow?  Pretty.much.nothing.

I mean really though, if only we could all be as cool as Ellis...

Peace out Sugar Maples, see ya next year.

Now who's hungry for pancakes!?


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