Girl's Day: Paintin' Pottery

A couple weeks ago, we celebrated my mom's Birthday with a Girl's Day.
My sister & I surprised my mom with a trip to Paintin' Pottery or Bead It in De Pere.

We had never been therefore, but a friend recommended it to me.  It was the cutest little place (with great coffee, might I add!), & one that we will frequent again & again.

First, you select a pre-made piece of pottery, which can range from trinkets, to mugs, to platters.  Then you select a stencil, stamp, or if you're good -- you can free-hand paint your piece.  All paint &  supplies are included, & the employees working offer inspiration & suggestions along the way.

Turns out, you need very little artistic talent to make something great.

I found it to be really relaxing & am already dreaming up my next piece...

After you're done, you leave your piece with them & they professionally glaze & fire it.  It's ready for pick-up in 3-7 days.

We ended our day with a trip to Seroogy's for chocolate & met the guys (& kiddos) for dinner at Mackinaws.

It was a wonderful day, & I love that I now have a handmade memory to cherish of our special day!

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