Gift Wrapping: Ideas & Tips to make your life easier!

Christmas is fast approaching (eep!!), and with that, comes the task of wrapping all those gifts.  This year, I’ve actually been pretty good about wrapping gifts as I purchase them.  In years past though, I would have to dedicate a whole evening to wrapping presents, and it would usually end in frustration because:
a.) where did all our dang boxes go?
b.) why is the wrapping paper so thin that it’s constantly ripping?
c.) hand cramps.
d.) what do you mean we have no more tape!?

And then your scrolling through Pinterest one night & you see all these glorious, adorably wrapped presents; you look over at your pile & think, well, at least they’re wrapped...

Because the truth is, your hard work of meticulously getting every corner square & ribbon curled just so, isn't going to matter. Your gift recipient is gonna rip open that package & ain’t nobody gonna care how it was wrapped. (Except maybe for your grandma, who still saves the paper…)

BUT.  I’m here to tell you that wrapping gifts can be enjoyable.

Insert: wine, Christmas music, & the tips below, and you’ve got yourself one helleva night.
And it will result in easy, affordable, & holiday-clad wrapped gifts that you are actually excited to hand out come Christmas time!

Idea #1: Dress up your present by making easy, DIY bows out of magazine pages

DIY bows
image via Whole Living

Idea #2: Make the packaging part of the gift by using fabric – think: a scarf, tea towel, table runner, etc

fabric gift wrap
image via Martha Stewart

Idea #3: Use washi tape in lieu of ribbon all together

DIY cookie containers
image via A Baker's House

Idea #5: Use greenery from your tree or around your yard in lieu of bows

Foliage packaging
image via Tikkido

Tip:  When you're done, use toilet paper rolls to hold wrapping paper in place (plus lots of other tips from Brittany):

wrapping paper organization
image via the Hello Honey Blog

So see... wrapping gifts doesn't have to be a daunting task; use these methods/ideas to make the process a little more enjoyable this year.

Happy wrapping, friends!

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  1. Such fun tips! I took Gift Wrapping in 4H growing up {I knowwww} and love all the creative tips I learned :)