#gardenlife, round 2!

Last year, if you remember, we planted our very first garden.

For being amateurs, we got a great yield & are still eating our frozen veggies from last year!  We just finished the last of our onions & have about 4 containers of homemade pasta sauce left, so bring on the new garden year!

We did a few things differently from last year, including making the actual garden a little larger, fencing it in, and trying a new system for the tomatoes & cucumbers...

Gardening; cucumbers | My Darling Days
The cucumbers are starting to climb!

Grace monster | My Darling Days
The fence was to keep this monster from eating all our tomatoes...

Gardening; tomtaotes | My Darling Days
The tomatoes are climbing as well!

I took the following photos just 2 weeks ago, and already we have harvested a round of spinach, lettuce, 1 cucumber & 1 zucchini -- I can't believe how fast it's growing... or how excited about it I am... guess this confirms once again that I am getting old. 

Please ignore the awful weeds... those suckers are relentless!

Gardening; spinach | My Darling Days

Gardening; tomtaotes | My Darling Days

Gardening; lettuce| My Darling Days

Gardening; critters | My Darling Days

Gardening; onions | My Darling Days

Gardening; peppers | My Darling Days

Gardening; beans | My Darling Days
Green Beans

Gardening; zucchini | My Darling Days

Gardening; broccoli | My Darling Days

Gardening; cucumber | My Darling Days

Gardening; zinnias | My Darling Days

Gardening; sunflowers | My Darling Days
Mini sunflowers

Gardening; Gracie | My Darling Days

Gardening; | My Darling Days

Family or friends reading this -- let me know if you want some garden goods, we'd be happy to share!

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